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Deleted Poems... 09/25/2008

I have decided to delete my poetry from this web site after a good friend told me that people could steal them as this is an open web site.  I wasn't even thinking about that, and have now saved them on my private myspace site, which if anytime you would like to see just check it out if you are one of my friends on there!  If you're not, then I'll add you ONLY if you are an actual friend of mine, otherwise sorry... lol.  Ask me if you'd like my myspace address if you don't already know it. 


I'm sorry about that, but thank you for understanding.  God bless!


    Poetry and Writing...

    These are some poems, quotes, and inspirational writngs I found that I love and want to share.  None of these were written by me, and do not claim ownership to them.  However, If you'd like to see MY Poetry and writings, please feel free to visit my myspace and facebook sites if you are already added as one of my friends.  However, if you're someone I haven't met yet, please wait until I have published my writings.  Sorry, just don't want them to get stolen by someone else.  Thanks for understanding, and God bless!


    September 2008



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