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Hey All!

Well, it's been a while... I'm sorry once again for not getting on here often enough to update, but it's been one heck of a year.  I lost my grandpa this year, but I feel peace knowing he is with the Lord and my grandma, and is out of pain.  I still miss him though...

I've got some exciting news about a new adventure I'm about to test for the first time... MOVING OUT!!!
I know, most of you already have been there done that, so it's not a big deal, especially for a 24 year old.  But this is huge for me, and I didn't think it would happen for a long time.  However, due to God litterally pushing me out of the nest, I am about to experience this now. 

My step brother Chip, and I are getting a place in a little de-dunk town here in Texas.  It's just 16 mintues away from where we already live with our parents, but it will be OURS, if God has it to be.  We both still need to get better paying jobs then what we have now, but have a plan set up that should get us up and going right away.  We are also attending our community college full time, so we can get started in the direction of the career path we both hope to achieve. We will also be including another roomate once we've settled in, Chips best friend!  He's lived with us before, so I have no problem with sharing an apartment with him, and am looking forward to it.  Chip and I both have the same taste in style, and are looking forward to creating and spiffing up the place to our taste.  Beach style... ;-]  

Now the apartment we found we pretty much have decided on it.  It's not in the best neighborhood, and some places seem a bit run down, but it's enough for us, and the price is perfect.  It will be a 2 bedroom 1 bath duplex, with 912 sq ft.  
I'm looking forward to it, though I have just looked up some reviews on the apartment complex, and haven't received the best reviews.  In this town, this place is considered in the "gheto," yet it rests right next to the most beautiful golf course in the whole town.  I've lived in a part of town back in California that is considered to be a bit "gheto."  I feel like this place is barley as bad as that was, and it was tollerable.  When driving around the apartment both during the day and night, I felt fine.  Of course in any place it's best to be on your guard, especially as a woman, but I didn't feel the need to look away from the on looking neighbors in fear of showing "disrespect" like I did when the gang members of my old town in CA looked toward my direction.  No, it was a good place, that I felt as safe as anywhere else.  
In the reviews there wasn't any reports of robberies occuring, or anything to that sorce.  The main complaint was based on leaks occuring from the roof, as there was a hail storm that had damaged many of the apartment roofs, and some complaints about maintenance.  The local paper had published a story about the roofing problems, and it seems to have been fixed since then.
I've read many reviews about maintenance problems with MANY apartment complexes around the areas that Chip and I have considered, so I expect that, especially for the price of rent.  
What I really love about this place, besides the layout of the aparment, how I can already picuture it looking like after decorating, and the price, is that I think this town is a very cute town.  It's quiet, and yes there isn't much to do there, but its close to civilization, and it's near the most beautiful sceneries I've seen so far in Texas.  Perfect for photography, and inspiring for writing.  The drive to and from this town to that is also quite breathtaking...
 All in all, I'm very happy about it, and look forward to seeing what God does with this new adventure.  

I'll keep you updated as we continue toward this next journey, and if for sure we settle down within these apartments.  I want to keep up a blog to share the experiences we have there, so once our lease is up I can give a proper and accurate review about our stay on the rating sites I've visited.  Also, it will help me keep an eye out on the next apartment rentals...  

I'd like to conclude in sharing a verse with you that God laid on my heart the day Chip and I decided we needed to move out.  It's from Isaiah 7:9

"If you do not stand firm in your Faith, you will not stand at all."

This verse is the very reason why I felt peace with God pushing me ahead with this.  I've always have been scared to be out on my own, and feel embarrased about that fact as I am 24 years old and should have done this long ago.  But I am learning to trust in God, as he is my provider, and strength.  I know that by standing firm in my Faith, and trusting God in this move, that He alone will keep us from falling.  If I didn't do this, I would crumble, along with my relationships I have here, and would continue to hide in fear of failing.  With God, all things are possible.

God bless!



Hey guys!

I'm so sorry I have been neglecting my site for a while... truth be told, I've been dealing with a lot of emotions lately, and none of them being anything I'm willing to share.  lol.  You can be thankful for that!  haha! 

I do have a few things I'd like to share, a paticularly amazing thing God did today, but right now I have to run off to the store.  lol.  BUT I did want to tell you that I have started writing my book just now!  Hecka yesssss...  I didn't start at the beggining though, because I'm not quite sure how and where exactly I want to start in my characters life, but I'm thinking it's more to the middle part of the story.  Her struggle...  What I have so far is VERY short, barley a page and a half, but what I do have is also VERY GOOD.  I'm considering posting it on here, but might want to wait to suprise you later down the road with more. 

hmmm, maybe I'll post it on facebook, and/or myspace?  I don't know.  Well see...  hee hee.  Keep the suspence flowing.  Mwahahahahaaa!!!

Alright, I must take flight in the suburban tonight to get some ... tights?  HA ha!!!

I'll write more later. 



I wrote this earlier on my facebook site, to get it off my chest, but thought it MIGHT be somewhat helpful to a few others who may be struggling same as me.  Hope it does, and if not... well, I'm sorry.  I did say I wrote it to get it off my chest, right?  lol. God bless! <333 Tami      

Your Notes

The Hero of the hour

Yesterday at 8:54pm  

What is so wrong with those of us who lay our heart on the line for a moment of being wanted, cared for, just to end up empty handed, full of guilt and/or loneliness? Shouldn't we know better? We know we're going to end up feeling stupid, and even more unwanted, and uncared for than before. . . so why do we do it?

I know why I do... I'm hoping for that fairy tale ending. I'm hoping my Prince Charming will see my distress, and come to rescue me, being the Hero he was always meant to be!

Silly girl, don't you know you don't live in a fairy tale story? You're stuck in reality, with no Prince Charming, just one dressed up like one for the moment. Hey, it's not their fault! How are they suppose to know that they're suppose to be the Hero of the hour, when they never knew they were even caught up in the story?

Prince Charming, just becareful what you're doing. The words you say, the things you do, will almost always catch the girls heart, even without her knowing it. So don't captivate her heart, unless you're planning on being her Knight in Shinning Armor!

. . . and to us Princesses, don't expect the boy to know that he's suppose to be your Knight, no matter how charming he may be. He might still be in training, and doesn't have a clue. Don't let your heart get caught up in something if you know it will only leave a scar to remind you of the pain that was left behind.


  "You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love. The entire law is summed up in a single command: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' If you keep on biting and devouring each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other."

Galatians 5:13-15

You're right God.
... you're right.

Forgive me Lord for using this freedom as an excuse to hurt the ones I love, and do the things I know I shouldn't do but do it anyways.

Struggles. . . 08/26/2008

These last two days have been really great for me as far as my relationship with Christ is concerned!  I have felt a huge distance from God for a while, which has affected a lot of my additude lately, amoung other things. 

Well, the other day Chip called me, he has had a horrible headache everyday for ... over a month, or more.  He has TMJ but has seen a specialist for it, and since then has been getting better, except the headaches.  He saw something online about headaches that was frightening, and was sharing with me about it.  I was trying to encourage him, but I felt like my words were empty, and meaningless.  The only thing I thought that had any meaning, and encouragement at all was the word God shared that this was all a part of his plan, to use Chip with these headaches to help others.  God gave him this headache, and he can take it away.

I felt horrible about it the whole day, and talked to Christine about it on the phone that night.  She told me that that was EXACTLY what God wanted to say to Chip right then, which helped me to relax about it. 

Satan was having a hay day with me, and the word God had for me with what Christine said was exactly true!  What confirmed that for me was the next day Rich said the EXACT same thing.  I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be spiritually, if it were not so God would have me else where.  He said exactly what he had for Chip to hear, if it were not so God would have said something different. 

I don't know about you, but I have always struggled to "be a good Christian example and encouragement in Christ," but that was never MINE to do!!!  I learned that about... oh, 2 years ago.  But every so often - especially with situations like this - I go back to that old mind set of "I'm just not good enough!" - (Which is satan by the way.)  The real question I need to start asking myself when thoughts like that come up is instead... "How could I be any better than who God has made me to be RIGHT NOW?!"

I may not always do or say the right thing, I may cuss, I may drink, I may lust, I may get angry, I may completely rebel, and do things I know deep in my heart I shouldn't... but that doesn't make me any less of a Christian than I already am, and that most certainly doesn't mean that I'm not living in God's will!  EVERYTHING GOOD AND BAD IS GOD'S WILL!!!  if this were not so, then he wouldn't be God, and saying otherwise is claiming exactly that!!!  It's not the title "Christian" but rather its - WHO I AM - which is CHRIST AS ME!!!  I am a vessle, I am a container of Christ, I am NOT the do'er as I have been so often deceived into believing I am.  I have never struggled more in my life than when I "TRY TO DO FOR GOD" instead of yield and just BE a vessle for God to use.   

I'm just soaking up all this revelation God is sharing with me right now... because heck, in the next few minutes even, I may just go straight back down in the pit again.  I prayed a prayer 3 years ago, one Rich has prayed for a long time, and since then I have definitely been going through some fires in my life.  God hasn't given me more than I can handle thankfully, but at times it sure did feel like it!  All of "this" (the things happening inside of me - what I have lost or given up) for the past 3 years has been the result of that prayer, and I wouldn't take it back because of what God has given me in return.  I finally understand who I am, I finally have freedom and not that bondage that I carried around, and I am truly more in love with God than I have ever been in my entire life!  it's certainly is amazing!!!


... okay, I am extremely tired, and can't even focus on what I want to say anymore! (Don't know if you could tell or not.  lol)  So I'm off to bed now.  



IT'S A BOY!!! 08/23/2008


((( hee, I've posted this to every site I have so far.  =] )))

Heathyrre and Zay,

Congratulations on the arrival of Brock!  He is amazingly handsome, and I can't wait to hold him in my arms.  I love you both so much!!!  Heathyrre, I am so proud of you... You two did GOOD!!!  My heart is there with you.


Exciting News!!! 08/22/2008

I am really excited right now because I have just learned that one of my best friends, Heathyrre, is having her baby RIGHT NOW!!!  *Squeeling in excitement*  She is going to be such an incredible mother, I can't wait to meet her's and Zay's little baby boy/girl! <333  I wish with all my heart that I could be there right now...  but my heart is there for sure! =]  * I LOVE YOU GUYS *

Well, I'm off to bed!  I've got lots to do tomorrow, and have to get up early to do it all.  My friend Courtney is buying my old buick (my first car - Cliffy) so I need to detail him before she comes to pick him up, plus I have to take a trip up to Oklahoma for the day.

I hope everyone is doing well!  God bless, and sweet dreams!



Today was such a nice day out... it's been raining here a lot, and when I stepped outside there was this smell that lingered in the air a while.  It reminded me of camping, Hume Lake, bonfires with friends, harvest parties at Johanna's, and just other amazing memories!  The clouds were so fluffy, and beautiful.  Some were grey, while others were white.  Just the whole atmosphere was breathtaking to me today. 

Mom and I watched one of my favorite tv shows this morning, "What Not to Wear."  There was a girl on there that had just graduated from Fashion school, but she didn't dress the part.  She had more of a body shape that's simular to mine... she was very tall, and was a little overweight.  She didn't have any style at all, because she was confussed how she should dress herself for her body type, and WHERE to find something that would actually be tall enough for her.  Stacy and Clinton (I love them!) helped her out... they challenged her to step outside of her comfort zone, and try new things.  They showed her what could fit, and what couldn't.  They even had her test out her fashion skills by putting outfits together, and then had her put outfits together in her own size.  At the end was a very Fashion foward looking gal, with a load of new found confidence! 

I loved that!  If I ever do get into fashion, that's my goal right there...  releasing the hold their lack of style had on them so they could have the confidence to be everything they are capable of being, and want to be.  So that one person can make a difference in this world, by helping others.  =]



Kudo's to Heathyrre and Zay for being the first to leave a comment on my site!  =]  Also, thank you both so much for adding my page link to your site!!!  I wanted to do the same, but first I need to figure out HOW exactly to do that.  Don't worry, I'll ge the hang of it soon enough.  Ha ha.

I'm having a hard time adjusting to being the only 20ish year old in the house... I'm so use to having a million things to do during the day, then hang out with Chip and little Kayleerz in the evening.  We would normally be playing some kind of board, or card, game right now, and talking about running down to The Big Pantry (if we have enough money) and grabing something to drink.  The house feels completely empty, and forgotten... if that makes since.  It's actually pretty dang depressing, but it's okay.  I know God has his reasons for everything he does, and I'm excited to see how God uses all of us in the places, and situations, he has put us for now. 

I have some good news to share. . . my baby girl Kirara {Ke-la-la} had her kittens on Thursday night while I was away!  She had 5 of them, but 1 died yesterday morning which was sad.  One of her kittens looks just like Chips dog Rocket, (I believe he is the father, lol), so I named the little kitten Rocket Jr. after his "daddy."  Ha ha.  I'll try to post some pictures soon. 

Well, unfortunately I must make this short as the smelly messy cat room awaits my mad cleaning skills.

God Bless <3      

First Post! 08/16/2008

Hey Everyone!!!

Well, this is my FIRST blog post, and I am very excited about the start of my new web site.  I wanted to create this web site so ALL my family and friends can see how I'm doing, without having to use myspace or facebook for that.  Not EVERYONE likes myspace and Facebook after all...

I will try to post in this as often as I can, but please be patient with me if I haven't been on here for a while, as you know I can get pretty dang busy.  "Sorry about that!" 

Please feel free to leave any comments, or suggestions for the site. 

Thank you Aunt Beth for helping me with the dates I have on my introductory page, as I had mixed them up.  =]

God bless you all!